Being Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Why Can’t the Answer Be Gray?

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Whenever the topic of abortion comes up, phrases such as, “women’s issue,” “woman’s choice,” and “victims of rape,” invariably crop up. Let’s talk about these phrases, because it seems to me that they’re not much more than smoke screens to deflect from true thought.

“Abortion is a women’s issue,” many men will say, “I have no right to an opinion on the matter.” How can this possibly be true? Does abortion result in the termination of female fetuses only? Is it only chosen by virginal victims of spontaneous conception? The only pregnancy I can bring to mind that was entirely devoid of male input was that of the Virgin Mary (peace be upon her), and even she was delivered of a male child, which brings us back to my first point, that abortion is a human issue, and not limited to the domain of one sex.

“Ok,” you might say, “I see your point, it affects males as well as females, but what about a woman’s choice? After all, there isn’t even one miraculous case of a man bearing his share of the hardship of pregnancy and labor. Why should a woman be forced to undergo such suffering against her will?” I agree. No woman should be forced to undergo the aggravation of pregnancy, followed by the pains of labor, and then the difficulties of motherhood. She ought definitely to have a choice. I just believe that for most women, said choice is put to her before conception, not after. After all, how many women conceive in complete and utter ignorance of the facts of life?

“You may have a point,” you say, “but what about the rape victim? She was never offered a choice.” True, she was not, and because she was denied her right to a choice when most women make theirs, she keeps her right, and may make her choice after conception. The usual response to this is, “But women will lie and say they were raped when they weren’t!” Yes, they will, but the purpose of laws isn’t to ensure that they’re never broken, but to establish boundaries in the minds of the people. That people will transgress those boundaries is a certainty, but they will believe in them even as they transgress them.

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