Harmonizing Democracy and Religion

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

There are those who would contend that I am wrong to live my life by the Qur’an, for the reason that they do not believe it to be the word of God. Yet the very same people live by the Constitution, giving to it the allegiance I give to the Qur’an, though neither of us believes it to be anything but the words of men.

Democracy and Religion have been struggling for supremacy practically since this country’s beginnings. The problem is simple. Anybody who believes in God must also believe that His Law will always trump any and all human laws. At the same time, though the world is full of people who believe in God, they are unlikely to ever agree on what that means.

Enter Democracy. God stays; everyone who believes is allowed to practice his or her religion; but no one religion is permitted dominance. Sounds like the perfect solution. “For you your religion, and for me mine.” There’s one problem though. In denying every religion ascendancy, we find ourselves with no choice but to put it in the hands of secularism, which means that for the billions of believers in God, the law has been put above the Law.

This is unacceptable for any believer. The usual solution offered (that of elevating the position of one religion above the rest) is equally unacceptable to nearly all believers, (not to mention unbelievers). But there’s a third option. No religion would be given authority over every citizen, but every citizen would be subject to the laws of his or her religion. As for those who have no religion, the secular law would be kept in place for their protection and punishment. And in cases of a member of one group oppressing a member of another, the victim would choose the court.

Before you tell me what a bad, un-American idea this is, I’m not suggesting it be the twenty-eighth amendment, I’m just throwing it out there as something to think about.

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