life to the full…

I’m going to live too! Do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, and stop waiting for that perfect someone to do them with, in shaa Allah.


We finally were all able to come together at about 7pm. It was New Years Day and none of the plans that has been made earlier in the day had succeeded, but I couldn’t help having an excitement for returning to the cliffs that I had visited a couple days earlier.

My two friends and I climbed in the car and headed to the beach. It seemed a little insensible since the sun had already gone down, but none the less seeing the beach at night would be fun too.

We drove just south of Oceanside, CA to Carlsbad. It was a little colder than it had been the last couple of days and I had left my boots and jacket back at the house not really thinking I would be cold.

The cliffs are all sand and they are gorgeous (the picture is a real picture I took there…

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